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Token Utility

The Qlear protocol is powered by a stack of several distributed computation systems. The stack includes a Multi-Party Computation (MPC) network as well as an array of Plasma side-chains, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

For these systems to run smoothly, the QLEAR token is used to incentivise participants to perform calculations and to secure the network’s operations. Hence, QLEAR can be viewed as the protocol’s native gas token. Developers and platform operators, using the Qlear protocol will have to acquire QLEAR in order to access its services.

Initial Token Allocation

Total Tokens to be minted 1,000,000,000

Total Tokens for sale 40%

ETH HardCap 80,000

1 Qlear = 0.0002 ETH

Bonus Round 1 = 25%

Bonus Round 2 = 15%

Bonus Round 3 = 0%

Bonus Vesting Period

Private Sale Investors = 6 Months

Advisors = 9 Months

Team = 15 Months

For more information about Qlear’s private token sale, please contact offering@qlear.com

Product Roadmap

The Qlear team is working hard, aiming for the next milestones

2018 Q3
- Team expansion
- Whitepaper Release
- Advisor Selection
2018 Q4
- Qlear Community engagement  
- Fundraising
- Multiparty Computation PoC
2019 Q1
- Plasma
-Qlear protocol development
- Testnet launch
2019 q2
- Smart contracts,
- MPC prototype
2019 Q3
- Payment channels,
- Escrow services,  
- MPC network on Testnet
2019 Q4
- Poker Room Launch
- Digital identity engine
- Developers toolkit launch Testnet
2020 Q2/4
- Qlear Protocol  including MPCmain net launch