Founder / CEO

Steven Weusten

Steven started his career in 2005 as a professional poker player, having played recreationally the years before. Having played all over the world in live tournaments and cash games, his main focus has been online cash games, ranging from midstakes to the highest stakes available. Trading cryptocurrencies was a natural stepping stone and after falling in love with the Blockchain industry he decided to utilize his passion for poker and gaming and started building this blockchain infrastructure for the new generation.

Co-Founder / President

Eric Benz

Eric was the Managing Director for one of the longest running bitcoin exchanges, merchant processors, and largest bitcoin card issuers. He has over 10 years of experience working in fintech & gaming industry, and has been in the Blockchain space since 2012 being involved in dozens of blockchain and fintech businesses both as an investor and board director.


David Peyronnin

David started his career in Blockchain in 2013, co-founded one of the first crypto trading platforms in 2014, worked on TheDAO project & the VISA Blockchain project with BTL, helped Polkadot & Web3 foundation during its launch and co-organised the Ethereum Meetup in London and other Blockchain events. Speaker, panelist, moderator and chaired the Blockchain Expo Europe event in London with over 7000 attendees. David was also the global head of events & roadshows tech for Barclays globally, and prior to that, he installed trading platforms end-to-end for tier 1 investment banks.


Joshua Bijak

Joshua Bijak has been working in electrical engineering R&D for the last 4 years developing various modules for a high tech railway startup called Transrail Innovation Inc (TRIG). He has built and designed many different hardware IIoT solutions for the rail industry including free space RADAR level sensing, wireless communications, and IIoT connectivity. Breaking new ground in an industry that hasn’t seen innovation for over 20 years. He bring his expertise in innovation to the gaming industry through Qlear and the Qlear Protocol. With a background in applied mathematics and computation engineering, his development and innovation career continues by breaking new ground in blockchain and gaming.

Chief Blockchain Officer

Brandon Kite

Brandon Kite is a seasoned software professional with over 6 years of experience starting at The Walt Disney Company’s Central Engineering where he worked closely with partnered engineering teams at ABC, ESPN and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. His efforts as Senior Software Engineer at Disney helped form the creation of the Disney Private Blockchain Project, soon after becoming a separate venture known as Dragonchain which performed a $13.7M ICO raise where he was the lead developer. He went on to become CTO of Bob’s Repair, where he managed a team of remote blockchain developers while advising on several ICOs.

Lead Communications & IR / Bizdev

Kalin Stoyanchev

Kalin has been an important part of the continuing success of various blockchain projects throughout the course of his career, starting his interest in the space in 2011. He majored in Finance and Computer Science with a minor in International Affairs for his undergraduate studies, working in various fields such as Marketing, Logistics, Financial Strategy, and Product Development after college. He is the Project Lead of RNDR, a distributed GPU rendering platform and connected 3D marketplace powered by blockchain. At Qlear, he aims to ensure that the scalability issues of blockchain are a thing of the past by building a reliable network and platform for various use cases.



Jon Matonis

Marc Kenigsberg

Hilly Ehrlich

Tal Cohen

Asaf Shavit

Damian Sokol

Jonathan Galea

Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki