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The Trust Machine for Online Gaming

Join the Qlear community and help to turn any online gaming platform into a secure, transparent, and trusted environment.

To claim your share of the Qlear community token pool:

  1. Complete 3 of the actions below

  2. Submit your email and ETH address*

  3. After completion, answer a few questions to help us make the Qlear Protocol as gamer and developer friendly as possible

The first 20,000 members receive 200 QLEAR tokens!
Member 20,001 and beyond will receive an equal share of the 1,000,000 QLEAR community pool

*Make sure to provide a valid Ethereum address. The address should be an account you control directly (i.e. not an exchange account), so you’ll be able to receive your QLEAR Tokens. If you don’t have an ETH address, you can create one here.