The Qlear Whitepaper is Finalized. Your Feedback is Valued.

Dear Qlear Community,

A full description and technical documentation of the Qlear protocol has been published and is now available for public review. You can download the Qlear Whitepaper here.   

The Whitepaper provides an overview of the fundamental trust and reliability deficiencies, common to most, if not to all, online gaming platforms, and Qlear’s proposal to remedy them.

The paper focuses on the three central pillars on which the Qlear solution for safe online gaming resides:

  1. How to establish verifiable randomization and true “unpredictability” in a distributed network.
  2. How to process games in a transparent and provably-fair manner, without revealing player’s secrets.
  3. How to build an Ethereum-supported blockchain network with throughput and latency capacities, able to compete with centralized solutions.

In addition, the paper briefly discusses how Qlear’s SDK suite allows developers to integrate the Qlear Protocol into their existing code-base, as well as various additional features of the Qlear solution such as KYC funnels, gamer-identity services, payment channels, and more.  

You can also read about these topics on our blog, or view a short slide-show.

We are extremely open to your feedback and questions, especially from the game-developer and gamer communities. For comments, remarks, and inquiries, please reach out to us directly on Discord, Twitter, or via Email.  

Warm regards,
The Qlear Team.