Qlear’s Heading to Malta’s DELTA Summit to Witness Crypto’s Coming of Age

Dear Qlear Community,

It is no secret that the blockchain industry is currently undergoing critical and potent tectonic shifts. Market instabilities and regulatory uncertainty have taken their toll and have left many wondering what’s next. We at Qlear, for one, welcome recent developments as the coming of age of a young and vibrant sector that is far from exhausting its full potential.  

Malta Blockchain Convention

One of the most important players in the field of writing Crypto’s next, mature chapter is the government of Malta. After approving groundbreaking new legislation, and engaging in round-table discussions with industry leaders, the nation of Malta has become a safe haven for an emerging new spirit in the blockchain industry. A spirit that seeks to accommodate for both - investor safety and market stability, as well as the disruptive and uncompromising spirit of this amazing industry. For us, Malta is home, Malta is blockchain, Malta is Qlear.

In light of this, the government of Malta is actively backing and supporting the upcoming DELTA Summit for Blockchain and Digital Innovation. The summit will take place on the mediterranean island on October 3-5th and host captains of industry and distinguished officials in the Maltese government. Among the most prominent guests are Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta; Parliamentary Secretary, Silvio Schembri; several additional members of cabinet, as well distinguished thought leaders such Dr. Larry Sanger, Co-Founder of Wikipedia, Tim Draper, and Changpeng Zhao.  

Qlear to present MPC technology at DELTA

We will of course be present as well, and seize this excellent opportunity to present the Qlear Protocol to an acclaimed international audience.

Our presentation will specifically focus on our recent developments in Multi-Party Computation technology. MPC networking sits at the core of Qlear’s Trust Machine for Online Gaming. When generalized, however, Qlear’s technology provides an elegant solution for privacy-sensitive computations on otherwise radically-public blockchain networks.

We’re excited to meet our industry colleagues and to add our two satoshis to the ongoing discussion on Crypto’s future.

If you happen to be present at the event, please come have a chat with our team, we’d love to say hello.

Warm regards,

The Qlear Team.