Beyond Gaming - Qlear is the future of privacy preserving, lightning-fast dApps

When we first introduced Qlear, we presented it as “The Trust Machine for Online Gaming” - a network that allows gaming providers to execute any kind of game on the blockchain, to make online gaming transparent, fair, and trustworthy.

Executing games on the blockchain is not a trivial task, especially if the goal is to create an infrastructure that can truly serve all games: from gambling, all the way to fully-immersive MMOs.

To realize this vision we had to design a system that allows for lightning-fast throughput capabilities as well as for privacy conserving computations - two fields blockchains are notoriously bad at.  Instead of compromising on elementary blockchain features, such as decentralization and immutability (as it is often done in such cases), we have been building on state of the art cryptography and side-chain architecture to successfully “mix water with oil” and to create an ultra-fast, ultra-private ledger system. To provide gaming-grade speeds Qlear utilizes the Plasma framework for side chains, while full privacy is preserved thanks to Qlear’s Multi-Party-Computation approach.   

The result is a decentralized network that competes with centralized server systems in terms of speed, and beats them by several orders of magnitude when it comes to privacy and cyber-security. Researching, developing and gaining feedback from both the industry and our community, we have also discovered the need for such a system goes far beyond only gaming and we decided to widen the scope of our operations to include a broader range of industries and use cases.

These use-cases essentially include anything that would normally be designed as an application, utilizing smart contracts for immutability purposes alongside centralized resources to increase speed and to handle private user information (which shouldn’t be processed on a public blockchain). However, with Qlear, the need to include centralized components now falls away completely. New industries which will benefit from our technology include, but are not limited to, Medical Services, Real Estate and Data Protection (GDPR) to name just a few.

This turns Qlear into a multi-purpose Layer-2 solution for the Ethereum network - building on the security and immutability Ethereum has already proven while adding features it desperately needs: namely speed and privacy.  

This is an exciting development for us at Qlear, on our way to building the technology of the future, and we’re sincerely thankful to have you with us on this journey. For more updates subscribe to our newsletter, join the conversation on Discord, and follow us on Twitter.

Warm regards,

The Qlear Team.