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Blockchain protocol enabling fast, scalable and secure dApp development.
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Qlear Multi-Party Computation

Perform trust-sensitive functions outside of centralized authorities through MPC nodes.

Plasma-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Leverage Plasma Sidechains linked to the master chains for high speed DApps with cloud interoperability.

Build dApps and develop plasma sidechains for your own projects

Each dApp sidechain can set their own fees, use their own tokens and access all users of the network

No one’s in Control, but Everything’s Secure

Qlear renders trust-sensitive elements on a distributed computation network, outside of the control of centralized authorities, or Qlear itself - facilitating trust and keeping everyone safe

Plug and Play

Qlear provides a platform-agnostic API, allowing developers to integrate the Qlear protocol. Qlear ensures transparent, compliance-grade dApp integrity, while developers can focus on what’s really important: a stunning user experience.

How it's done

A Distributed Trust Engine

The Qlear Protocol utilizes a decentralized Multi-Party Computation (MPC) network to perform trust-sensitive functions outside of the control of centralized authorities.Learn more

Guarding the Application functionality

The Qlear Protocol encodes dApp rules and mechanics in transparent and immutable smart contracts. This allows
developers to draw from an ever-growing library of tested dApp components, while end users enjoy full transparency and a secure environment.

secure multi-party
App contracts
end user

Lightning Speed with Plasma

Qlear is at the forefront of the Plasma framework revolution. Plasma is a layer-2 solution on top of the Ethereum network, allowing for incredibly fast and secure sidechain arrays to be established.

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One Token to unify a QLEAR, interoperable DApp ecosystem

Built-in Escrow and Payment Channels

On Qlear, users never lose control over their funds. Conditions for fund-withdrawal are agreed upon beforehand and encoded on the blockchain

A Universal User Network

Qlear allows users to create a universal user identity across all Qlear-supported platforms. This enables users to seamlessly move their funds and statistics between platforms.